Converting SecureString to Clear Text

by Nov 27, 2018

Secure string content cannot be easily viewed:

$password = Read-Host -Prompt 'Your password' -AsSecureString
PS C:\> $password

However, if you are the one who asked for the secure string in the first place, you can easily convert it back into plain text with this clever trick:

$txt = [PSCredential]::new("X", $Password).GetNetworkCredential().Password

Essentially, the SecureString is used to create a PSCredential object, and a PSCredential object contains the method GetNetworkCredential() which automatically converts the encrypted password into clear text.

This way, you could use the masked input box provided by Read-Host –AsSecureString to ask for sensitive information even if you need this information as plain text string:

function Read-HostSecret([Parameter(Mandatory)]$Prompt)
  $password = Read-Host -Prompt $Prompt -AsSecureString
  [PSCredential]::new("X", $Password).GetNetworkCredential().Password
PS C:\> Read-HostSecret -Prompt 'Your secret second first name'
Your secret second first name: ********

PS C:\>

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