Counting Pages in a Word Document

by Feb 8, 2016

Let's assume you have a bunch of Word files and would like to know how much pages they contain. Here is a function that takes the path to one Word file and determines its page count:

#requires -Version 1

# adjust path to point to an existing Word file:
$Path = "C:\...\SomeChapter.doc"
$word = New-Object -ComObject Word.Application
$word.Visible = $true
$binding = 'System.Reflection.BindingFlags' -as [type]
$doc = $word.Documents.Open($Path)
$prop = $doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties(14)
$pages = [System.__ComObject].invokemember('value',$binding::GetProperty,$null,$prop,$null)
"$Path has $Pages pages."

If it works for you, turn it into a function so you can use PowerShell to sum up the pages of many Word documents.


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