Create Complex Random Passwords

by Dec 14, 2010

Here is how you can create random passwords that meet certain requirements:

function Get-RandomPassword {
$length = 10,
$characters =
# select random characters
$random = 1..$length | ForEach-Object { Get-Random -Maximum $characters.length }
# output random pwd
function Randomize-Text {
$anzahl = $text.length 1
$indizes = Get-Random -InputObject (0..$anzahl) -Count $anzahl


function Get-ComplexPassword {
$password = Get-RandomPassword -length 6 -characters 'abcdefghiklmnprstuvwxyz'
$password += Get-RandomPassword -length 2 -characters '#*+)'
$password += Get-RandomPassword -length 2 -characters '123456789'
$password += Get-RandomPassword -length 4 -characters 'ABCDEFGHKLMNPRSTUVWXYZ'

Randomize-Text $password

Get-ComplexPassword creates a 14-character password consisting of six lowercase characters, two special characters, two numbers, and four uppercase characters. This is done by creating four parts and then melting them together with Randomize-Text, which takes a text and randomly re-arranges the characters. With this toolset, you can then create almost any random password adhering to almost any complexity rule you are likely to run into.

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