Creating Aligned Headers

by Mar 4, 2019

Reporting and writing log files is a common task in PowerShell. Here is a simple function to create nicely centered headers. Adjust $width to the desired width:

function Show-Header($Text)
  $padLeft = [int]($width / 2) + ($text.Length / 2)
  $text.PadLeft($padLeft, "=").PadRight($Width, "=")

And this is the result:

PS> Show-Header Starting

PS> Show-Header "Processing Input Values"
=============================Processing Input Values============================

PS> Show-Header "Calculating..."

PS> Show-Header "OK"

The additional learning points are:

  • Use PadLeft() and PadRight() to pad (expand) a string at either end, and fill space up with the characters you want

With this learning point, you can now do many related things, i.e. create list of server names with fixed-length numbers:

1,4,12,888 | ForEach-Object { 'Server_' + "$_".PadLeft(8, "0") }

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