Creating IP segment lists

by May 6, 2011

If you need a list of consecutive IP addresses, you can check out this function. You can see that it takes a start and an end address and then returns all IP addresses in between:

function New-IPSegment ($start, $end) {
  $ip1 = ([System.Net.IPAddress]$start).GetAddressBytes()
  $ip1 = ([System.Net.IPAddress]($ip1 -join '.')).Address
  $ip2 = ([System.Net.IPAddress]$end).GetAddressBytes()
  $ip2 = ([System.Net.IPAddress]($ip2 -join '.')).Address
  for ($x=$ip1 $x -le $ip2 $x++) {
      $ip = ([System.Net.IPAddress]$x).GetAddressBytes()
    $ip -join '.'



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