Creating Local Admins

by Sep 12, 2011

Here is a piece of code that will create a local user account and put it into the local Administrators group:

$computername = $env:computername   # place computername here for remote access
$username = 'AdminAccount1'
$password = 'topSecret@99'
$desc = 'Automatically created local admin account'

$computer = [ADSI]"WinNT://$computername,computer"
$user = $computer.Create("user", $username)
$user.description = $desc
$user.UserFlags = 65536
$group = [ADSI]("WinNT://$computername/administrators,group")

You do need local Admin privileges to execute this script. Adjust the name of the "Administrators" group to match your locale. For example, on German systems, it is called "Administratoren".

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