Creating PowerShell Command Cheat Sheets (Part 2)

by May 14, 2018

In the previous tip, we created cheat sheets for PowerShell commands, and as a reminder, this line would create a sheet for network commands (provided you have access to the NetAdapter module that was browsed in this example):

 PS> Get-Command -Module NetAdapter | Get-Help | Select-Object -Property Name, Synopsis Name Synopsis ---- -------- Disable-NetAdapter Disables a network adapter. Disable-NetAdapterBinding Disables a binding to a netw... Disable-NetAdapterChecksumOffload Disables the selected checks... Disable-NetAdapterEncapsulatedPacketTaskOffload Disables encapsulated packet... Disable-NetAdapterIPsecOffload Disables IPsec offload on th... Disable-NetAdapterLso Disables all LSO properties,... Disable-NetAdapterPacketDirect ... Disable-NetAdapterPowerManagement Disables specific power mana... Disable-NetAdapterQos Disables QoS on a network ad... Disable-NetAdapterRdma Disables RDMA on a network a... Disable-NetAdapterRsc Disables RSC on a network ad... Disable-NetAdapterRss Disables RSS on a network ad... Disable-NetAdapterSriov Disables SR-IOV on a network... Disable-NetAdapterVmq Disables the VMQ feature on ... Enable-NetAdapter Enables a network adapter. Enable-NetAdapterBinding Enables binding of a protoco... Enable-NetAdapterChecksumOffload Enables checksum offloads on... Enable-NetAdapterEncapsulatedPacketTaskOffload Enables encapsulated packet ... Enable-NetAdapterIPsecOffload Enables IPsec offload on the... Enable-NetAdapterLso Enables LSO properties, such... Enable-NetAdapterPacketDirect ... Enable-NetAdapterPowerManagement Enables specific power manag... Enable-NetAdapterQos Enables QoS on the network a... Enable-NetAdapterRdma Enables RDMA on a network ad... Enable-NetAdapterRsc Enables RSC on a network ada... Enable-NetAdapterRss Enables RSS on a network ada... Enable-NetAdapterSriov Enables SR-IOV on a network ... Enable-NetAdapterVmq Enables VMQ on a network ada... Get-NetAdapter Gets the basic network adapt... Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty Gets the advanced properties... Get-NetAdapterBinding Gets a list of bindings for ... Get-NetAdapterChecksumOffload Gets the various checksum of... Get-NetAdapterEncapsulatedPacketTaskOffload Gets the network adapters th... ... 

To make this list worthwhile, let’s now convert it to a HTML table so you can open it in a browser, and print it:

$ModuleName = "NetAdapter" $OutFile = "$env:temp\commands.html" Get-Command -Module $moduleName | Get-Help | Select-Object -Property Name, Synopsis | ConvertTo-Html | Set-Content -Path $OutFile Invoke-Item -Path $OutFile 

When you run this, after a few seconds your default web browser opens a page with the cheat sheet information. You can now use the browser command to print it. The page isn’t particularly beautiful but serves its purpose.

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