Creating Temporary Password

by Dec 11, 2013

Here's a chunk of code that creates random passwords of different lengths for you:

$length = 8
$characters = [Char[]]((31..50) + (65..90) + (97..122)) 
$characters = $characters -ne 'O' -ne 'o' -ne 'l' -ne '1' -ne '-' 
$password = -join ($characters | Get-Random -Count $length)
"Your temporary $length-character-password is $password" 

The password length is set by $length. The characters used to compose the passwords are defined in $characters. By default, all ASCII codes from 31-50, 65-90, and 97-122 are used. As you can see, with the -ne operator, you can fine-tune the list and exclude characters. In our example, we exclude characters that can easily be misinterpreted.

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