Custom Formatting DateTimes

by May 8, 2012

In a previous tip we published the list of placeholders to define datetime patterns. You can use the very same placeholders to define your own datetime output formats, too. Check out these examples:

PS> Get-Date -format 'd  MMM yyyy'
30 Mar 2012
PS> Get-Date -format 'yyyyMMddHHmmss' 20120330140030

Here's again the list of placeholders you can use to format your output:

d Day of month 1-31
dd Day of month 01-31
ddd Day of month as abbreviated weekday name
dddd Weekday name
h Hour from 1-12
H Hour from 1-24
hh Hour from 01-12
HH Hour from 01-24
m Minute from 0-59
mm Minute from 00-59
M Month from 1-12
MM Month from 01-12
MMM Abbreviated Month Name
MMMM Month name
s Seconds from 1-60
ss Seconds from 01-60
t A or P (for AM or PM)
tt AM or PM
yy Year as 2-digit
yyyy Year as 4-digit
z Timezone as one digit
zz Timezone as 2-digit
zzz Timezone

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