Docking PowerShell in Windows 7

by Aug 3, 2009

If you happen to run Windows 7 already, not only will you get PowerShell V2. In addition, with the new "Superbar", you can create your personal "PowerShell center" with just a couple of clicks. Here is how:

Launch PowerShell first, for example press WIN+R and enter: powershell (ENTER). The powershell icon appears in the new Windows 7 taskbar.

Right-click the icon, and choose "Pin this program to taskbar". This way, the PowerShell icon will become a permanent resident in your taskbar, even with no PowerShell window open, and to open powershell, simply click it. What is even more important: A right-click opens its all-new jumplist, a menu with related tasks and recent documents. From here, you can open powershell with full Administrator privileges ("Run as Administrator"), open the ISE editor ("Windows PowerShell ISE") and also open a special console with full Administrator privileges plus all available modules preloaded ("Import system modules"). In addition, you can access the built-in electronic manual ("Windows PowerShell help").