Enum Week: Enums in PowerShell 5

by Sep 30, 2016

Requires PowerShell 5 or better

This week we are looking at enumerations: what they are, and how you can benefit from them.

Beginning in PowerShell 5, you can create your own enumerations using the keyword “Enum”. This way, users can specify clear-text names instead of cryptic numbers.

#requires -Version  5.0 
Enum ComputerType
function Connect-Computer 
  "Computername: $Name Type: $Type" 

When you run this code and then call the function “Connect-Computer”, PowerShell automatically provides IntelliSense for your enumeration values, and only accepts the values listed in the enumeration.

PS C:\> Connect-Computer -Type Client -Name Test
Computername: Test Type: Client

PS C:\>

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