Exporting Certificate

by Oct 19, 2009

PowerShell has a cert: drive that lets you explore all certificates installed on your system. Once you locate a certificate, you can then export it to a file with just a couple of lines of code – provided that the certificate allows itself to be exported.

Dir cert:\ -recurse

Try this to grab the first certificate that has your username in its subject:

@(dir cert: -Recurse |
Where-Object { $_.subject -like "*$env:username*" })[0]

Store the certificate in a variable and then view all of its properties to view certificate details:

$cert = @(dir cert: -Recurse |
Where-Object { $_.subject -like "*$env:username*" })[0]
$cert | Format-List *

You should call the export() method, which gets you a byte array, to export the certificate. Next, use .NET to write the byte array to disk:

$bytes = $cert.Export("Cert")
[system.IO.file]::WriteAllBytes("$home\mycert.cer", $bytes)
Dir $home\*.cer

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