Exporting Data to Excel

by Mar 11, 2014

You can easily convert object results to CSV files in PowerShell. This generates a CSV report of current processes:

To open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel, you could use Invoke-Item to open the file, but this would only work if the file extension CSV is actually associated with the Excel application.

This script will open the CSV file always in Microsoft Excel. It illustrates a way to find out the actual path to your Excel application (it assumes it is installed and does not check if it is missing altogether though):

$report = "$env:temp\report.csv"
$ExcelPath = 'C:\Program Files*\Microsoft Office\OFFICE*\EXCEL.EXE'
$RealExcelPath = Resolve-Path -Path $ExcelPath | Select-Object -First 1 -ExpandProperty Path
& $RealExcelPath $report 

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