Finding Latest PowerShell 6 Release

by May 1, 2019

PowerShell 6 is open-source, and there are frequently new releases available. You can always visit to learn more about these releases.

From a PowerShell perspective, to automate this step, here is a small script that reads the GitHub release RSS feed, converts the data appropriately, and then dumps the releases with their respective download URLs in descending order:

$AllProtocols = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]'Ssl3,Tls,Tls11,Tls12'
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = $AllProtocols 

$Updated = @{
    Name = 'Updated'
    Expression = { $_.Updated -as [DateTime] }

$Link = @{
    Name = 'URL'
    Expression = { $_.Link.href }

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -UseBasicParsing |
  Sort-Object -Property Updated -Descending |
  Select-Object -Property Title, $Updated, $Link

<p ">This is what a result could look like:

title                                       Updated             URL                                                                   
-----                                       -------             ---                                                                   
v6.2.0 Release of PowerShell Core           28.03.2019 19:52:27          
v6.2.0-rc.1 Release of PowerShell Core      05.03.2019 23:47:46     
v6.1.3 Release of PowerShell Core           19.02.2019 19:32:01          
v6.2.0-preview.4 Release of PowerShell Core 28.01.2019 22:28:01
v6.1.2 Release of PowerShell Core           15.01.2019 21:02:39          
v6.2.0-preview.3 Release of PowerShell Core 11.12.2018 01:29:33
v6.2.0-preview.2 Release of PowerShell Core 16.11.2018 02:52:53
v6.1.1 Release of PowerShell Core           13.11.2018 20:55:45          
v6.0.5 Release of PowerShell Core           13.11.2018 19:00:56          
v6.2.0-preview.1 Release of PowerShell Core 18.10.2018 02:07:32

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