Finding More Driver Information

by Dec 21, 2011

In a previous tip you learned how you can convert raw CSV data from a console application such as driverquery.exe into real PS objects. Let's play some more.

Since the CSV data only returns the complete path to a driver (which is too long to display without being truncated), let's add a "calculated property". That's a hash table with two keys: Name and Expression.

The script block in Expression takes the long path name and extracts just the file name. Now we get valuable driver information that – due to its object nature – can easily be sorted as well:

PS> $col1 = @{Name='File Name' Expression={ Split-Path $_.Path -Leaf } }
PS> driverquery.exe /v /FO CSV | ConvertFrom-CSV | Select-Object 'Display Name',
 'Start Mode', 'Paged Pool(bytes)', $col1 | Sort-Object 'Display Name'

Display Name        Start Mode          Paged Pool(bytes)   File Name
------------        ----------          -----------------   ---------
ACPI-Energieanze... Manual              4.096               acpipmi.sys
adp94xx             Manual              0                   adp94xx.sys
adpahci             Manual              0                   adpahci.sys
adpu320             Manual              0                   adpu320.sys
Agere Systems So... Manual              20.480              agrsm64.sys
aliide              Manual              0                   aliide.sys
AMD K8 Processor... Manual              28.672              amdk8.sys
AMD Processor Dr... Manual              28.672              amdppm.sys
amdide              Manual              0                   amdide.sys
amdsata             Manual              0                   amdsata.sys

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