Finding PowerShell Background Information

by Apr 15, 2009

PowerShell comes with a lot of documentation. One thing you should check out is the QuadFold.rtf file. You should use the following line to find and open the folder with all the PowerShell resources on Vista (Multi-Language):

ii "$pshomeDocuments$($host.CurrentUICulture.Name)"

On XP, you should use this line:

ii "$pshome"

Note that "ii" is an alias and points to Invoke-Item. You can use this cmdlet to open files and folders.

In addition, the Help system contains a lot of about-topics highlighting specific areas of the language. You should use this line to see a list of all topics:

Get-Help about_*

You can even output all manual pages and write them to your personal Help file:

Get-Help about_* | Get-Help | Out-File $homepsdocu.txt& $homepsdocu.txt