Finding Registered Event Log Source Names

by Mar 7, 2018

When you write events to an event log using Write-EventLog, you must specify a valid source name. However, there is no easy way of finding out which source files are registered for a particular event log. This can also bite you when you create a new event log using New-EventLog: you must not specify any source names that are already in use by another event log.

Here is a simple approach to find out all source names, and show the event log they are registered for:

PS> Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NTEventLOgFile | Select-Object FileName, Sources

FileName               Sources                                                                             
--------               -------                                                                             
Application            {Application, .NET Runtime, .NET Runtime Optimization Service, Application Error...}
Dell                   {Dell, DigitalDelivery, Update}                                                     
HardwareEvents         {HardwareEvents}                                                                    
Internet Explorer      {Internet Explorer}                                                                 
isaAgentLog            {isaAgentLog, isaAgent}                                                             
Key Management Service {Key Management Service, KmsRequests}                                               
OAlerts                {OAlerts, Microsoft Office 16 Alerts}                                               
PowerShellPrivateLog   {PowerShellPrivateLog, Debug, Logon, Misc...}                                       
PreEmptive             {PreEmptive, PreEmptiveAnalytics}                                                   
Security               {Security, DS, LSA, Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog...}                                  
System                 {System, 3ware, ACPI, ADP80XX...}                                                   
TechSmith              {TechSmith, TechSmith Uploader Service}                                             
Windows PowerShell     {Windows PowerShell, PowerShell} 

You can even turn this list into a useful hash table:

# find all registered sources
$Sources = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NTEventLOgFile | 
  Select-Object FileName, Sources | 
  ForEach-Object -Begin { $hash = @{}} -Process { $hash[$_.FileName] = $_.Sources } -end { $Hash }

# list sources for application log

# list sources for system log

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