Getting Help for WMI Objects

by May 4, 2020

WMI is extremely powerful but a little underdocumented. To change this, a group has formed and is creating a PowerShell-specific WMI reference:

To easily look up help, you can add the Help() method to all of your WMI and CIM instance objects. Simply run this code:

$codeCim = {
 $url = '{0}/{1}' -f $this.CimSystemProperties.Namespace.Replace("/","\"),
  # add class

  Start-Process -FilePath $url.ToLower()
$codeWmi = {
 $url = '{0}/{1}' -f $this.__Namespace, $this.__Class

  Start-Process -FilePath $url.ToLower()

Update-TypeData -TypeName Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimInstance -MemberType ScriptMethod -MemberName Help -Value $codeCim -Force
Update-TypeData -TypeName System.Management.ManagementObject -MemberType ScriptMethod -MemberName Help -Value $codeWmi -Force

When you now retrieve information from Get-WmiObject or Get-CimInstance, each object has the new Help() method that automatically opens the appropriate reference page in your browser:

PS> $result = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Share

PS> $result[0].Help() 

PS> $result.Help()

PS> $result = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_StartupCommand

PS> $result.Help()

If you want to participate and have useful WMI example code, please go to the appropriate reference page and add your code via the comment functionality at the bottom.

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