HTML Reporting: Create a System Report

by Jan 10, 2012

In a previous tip you learned how WMI can deliver system profile information. Let's take this data and turn it into a HTML report. Here's a function Get-SystemReport that creates the HTML for local and/or remote systems (provided you have remote access permissions):

function Get-SystemReport($ComputerName = $env:ComputerName) {
  $htmlStart = "
  <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Server Report</TITLE>
  body { background-color:#EEEEEE; }  
  body,table,td,th { font-family:Tahoma; color:Black; Font-Size:10pt }  
  th { font-weight:bold; background-color:#AAAAAA; }  
  td { background-color:white; }  
  <h2>Report listing for System $Computername</h2>
  <p>Generated $(get-date -Format 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm') </p>
  $htmlEnd = '</body></html>'
    Get-WmiObject -Class CIM_PhysicalElement | 
      Group-Object -Property __Class | 
      ForEach-Object { 
        $_.Group |
        Select-Object -Property * | 
          ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment -PreContent ('<h3>{0}</h3>' -f $_.Name ) 

And this is how you would call the function and create a report:

$path = "$env:temp\report.hta"
Get-SystemReport | Out-File -Filepath $path 
Invoke-Item $path

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