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by Mar 18, 2020

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 press release

IDERA Database Tools Expand Support for Cloud-Hosted Databases

Discover how our solutions empower organizations to manage the performance and availability of cloud and traditional databases in a single tool.

Our goal is to help organizations save on software purchases, reduce the learning curve, minimize deployment time, and maximize return on investment
— Rob Reinauer, Director of SQL Server Product Management at IDERA

Check out our product portfolio:

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager to monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on SQL Server availability, health, and performance with cloud-specific metrics.
  • SQL Compliance Manager to identify sensitive data, stop potential threats, and pass audits for SQL Server
  • Aqua Data Studio to manage databases, queries, and data, and visually analyze data with extensive support for cloud databases, including Snowflake Google BigQuery.
  • Plus many more!

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 Geek Sync

Geek Sync | Neutralize Troublesome SQL Server Indexes

3/18/20 @ 11 AM – 12 PM CT

SQL Server indexes are not always as helpful as we like to think. Often they work against our overall server performance. In this session, we will see some troublemaking scenarios and their workarounds.

Pinal Dave will share scripts for various difficult scenarios that you can apply to your server right away to easily improve performance.

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 Quack Chat

Quack Chat | SQL Server and Oracle Database Administration Made Easy

3/25/20 @ 11AM – 12PM CT

If you want to simplify administration for your SQL Server and Oracle environment, you need a multi-purpose database tool that can help you handle many of your daily tasks. Whether it’s managing sessions and security, comparing schema and files, or reviewing explain plans, the end goal is to keep your instances running at optimal performance.

Join IDERA’s Devin Gallagher as he demonstrates how Aqua Data Studio enables DBAs to effectively manage a complex SQL Server, Oracle, or multi-platform environment with a rich set of features that improve your productivity.

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 new whitepaper

Whitepaper – Azure SQL Hyperscale

Azure SQL Hyperscale is a new database as a service (DBaaS) offering from Microsoft, built on the experiences learned by Microsoft Azure SQL Database. This service strives for improvements in security, availability, plus lower and more flexible cost, with higher performance. Learn more in this whitepaper about Azure SQL Hyperscale and how you may benefit from it.

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 get lucky and save 
Get Lucky and Save Big this March!

For a limited time only! Get discounts on some of our most popular tools for SQL Server and MySQL databases. Contact us today to get your customized discount.

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