IDERA Now Offers Safyr for ER/Studio

by Aug 11, 2018

Hopefully you’ve seen the news by now, but if you haven’t, you should know that earlier this month, Silwood Technologies announced that they have entered into a reseller agreement with IDERA. DBTA covered the announcement on their site, and Ron Huizenga recently shared the highlights about the Safyr agreement in his ER/Studio 17.1 announcement blog post:

"In addition to the release itself, we are pleased to announce that we have extended our technology partnership with Silwood Technologies to a reseller agreement. Through this agreement, Idera will market and resell Safyr® to complement its ER/Studio data modeling and architecture product suite. The combined offering allows customers to bring metadata from SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft ERP and CRM systems into ER/Studio more rapidly and effectively than using traditional discovery approaches. This extends the powerful capabilities of ER/Studio even further, as the focal point to manage all of your data architecture and governance initiatives.”

What does this mean for our ER/Studio customers? You can now purchase the amazing Safyr® metadata extraction tool from IDERA, and use it to capture the important information from your ERP and CRM packages for use within your ER/Studio Data Architect models.

Actually, you could already do the latter bit if you previously purchased Safyr directly from Silwood Technologies. Safyr has had support for exporting key metadata that can be imported into your ER/Studio models for years. We have had multiple customers successfully integrate their package metadata using these two products together. For example, a few years ago, Boeing shared how they used Safyr to integrate their SAP metadata into ER/Studio to model data from their SAP applications for data governance efforts in this case study webinar. What's new is that now you can purchase the Safyr solution directly from IDERA, an authorized Silwood reseller, which can simplify your ordering and purchasing process if you need to focus on fewer vendors or consolidate products on a purchase order.

Watch our webinar replay with the Silwood team: Integrate ERP and CRM metadata into ER/Studio. Ron Huizenga of IDERA along with Roland Bullivant and Nick Porter of Silwood will show a live demonstration of exactly how Safyr works and how that metadata can be used within ER/Studio to form a better picture of your enterprise data. If you are implementing a data warehouse, data governance, data migration, or other information management project which includes SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, or Salesforce packages, then you should attend this session.

Learn more about the Safyr solution and how it works with ER/Studio in the datasheet. You can contact your IDERA Sales representative to learn more and request a quote or a demo.

Try ER/Studio Data Architect for 14 days at no charge to see how its extensive data modeling and metadata capabilities can help you manage your complex enterprise data landscape.