Increase History Cache

by Oct 6, 2015

Command history can be a great help when you work for a while in a PowerShell session. Each session stores the commands you issued, and you can press ARROWUP/DOWN to go back to a command you already entered before.

You can even search the history cache like this:

PS C:\> #obje 

Type a comment sign (a hash), then any keyword you remember from the command you entered, then press TAB. Each press on TAB will show a new command from your command history (or nothing if there was no command with the keyword you searched for).

To determine the size of your command history, use $MaximumHistoryCount. The default is 4096.

PS C:\> $MaximumHistoryCount 

PS C:\> $MaximumHistoryCount = 32KB-1 

PS C:\> $MaximumHistoryCount 

PS C:\>  

The maximum possible size for the history cache is 32KB-1.

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