Launching PowerShell with Admin Privileges – Always

by Jun 24, 2016

When you launch PowerShell, you should right-click the PowerShell icon in the taskbar and pin it to the taskbar. This way it is always visible, and a right-click opens the jump list with additional functionality. You may have known this.

But did you know that when you open the jump list by right-clicking the PowerShell icon in the taskbar, you can now do another right-click on "Windows PowerShell"? When you do this, another context menu opens. Choose "Properties", then click the button "Advanced". Now you can check the option "Run as Administrator". From now on, clicking the PowerShell icon will always open a PowerShell console with full Administrator privileges.

Whether this is a wise decision is left to you. Many tasks can be accomplished without Administrator privileges, but if you regularly need these privileges, this trick saves a lot of time.

The properties dialog has a bunch of other options. You could change the icon as well, for example.

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