Life of a DBA in GIFs

by May 11, 2015

A Database Administrator experiences a wide range of emotions. It could be one those endless meetings, friendly disagreements with fellow developers, getting something approved from managers or preparing your junior DBAs for bigger battles. Each day is a challenging one. We've tried to compile a list of GIFs which every DBA will be able to relate to.

5 minutes before deployment

Writing the most epic answer Stack Exchange has ever seen and press F5 to “Submit” and end up refreshing the page

When a DBA.StackExchange answer gets 500+ upvotes!

Slightly “re-factoring” the developers’ code after a code review

Training the junior DBA

The junior DBA trying to figure out the production cluster

When you unknowingly fix the client’s problem

When the project manager starts questioning my work estimates

When asked why I’m allowed to query all the databases?

When a developer says he made few changes to the database

When I shut off the marketing team’s access to run reports on the production server

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