Listing Processes and Process Ownership

by Apr 18, 2012

Get-Process can list processes but does not provide information about who is running the process. Here, WMI can help. Get-ProcessEx is a clever function that returns process information including ownership, and it works remotely, too.

So if you wanted to know who is running PowerShell on your system, check this out:

PS> Get-ProcessEx powershell.exe

Name                   Owner                         Description           Handle
----                      -----                            -----------              ------
powershell.exe     TobiasAir1\Tobias         powershell.exe       5204
powershell.exe     TobiasAir1\Tobias         powershell.exe       6848
powershell.exe     TobiasAir1\Customer... powershell.exe       2600

Likewise, you can now check who is currently visiting your computer through PowerShell Remoting. Just look for processes named "wsmprovhost.exe".

function Get-ProcessEx {

    $null = $PSBoundParameters.Remove('Name')
    $Name = $Name.Replace('*','%')
    Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process @PSBoundParameters -Filter "Name like '$Name'" |
      ForEach-Object {
          $result = $_ | Select-Object Name, Owner, Description, Handle
        $Owner = $_.GetOwner()
        if ($Owner.ReturnValue -eq 2) {
            $result.Owner = 'Access Denied'
        } else {
            $result.Owner = '{0}\{1}' -f ($Owner.Domain, $Owner.User)

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