Making Comment-Based Help Compatible

by Nov 9, 2009

In a previous tip, you learned how to add Comment-Based Help information to your own functions so that Get-Help can auto-document the usage. However, once you do this your functions break on PowerShell v.1 because v.1 does not know the block comment feature.

So to get the best of both worlds, you should add Comment-Based Help to all of your functions. However, do not use block comments, but rather regular line comments instead. This way, your functions work on v.1 and can provide a great Help experience on v.2:

function Test-Me($parameter) {
# A useless function
# This function really does nothing
# Demonstrates comment based help
# Test-Me "Hello World"

As you will see, on v.2 your function will still work with Get-Help and is not required to use the new block comments. You should just make sure you ran your function at least once to define it:

Get-Help Test-Me

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