Managing Lenovo BIOS Settings (Part 1)

by Sep 3, 2018

There is unfortunately no standardized way of managing BIOS settings for computer vendors. Each vendor employs proprietary approaches. For Lenovo computers, you can use WMI to access and dump BIOS settings:

Get-WmiObject -Class Lenovo_BiosSetting -Namespace root\wmi | 
Where-Object CurrentSetting |
ForEach-Object {
    $parts = $_.CurrentSetting.Split(',')
        Setting = $parts[0]
        Status = $parts[1]
        Active = $_.Active

The result may look similar to this:

Setting                             Status                                Active
-------                             ------                                ------
WakeOnLAN                           ACOnly                                  True
WakeOnLANDock                       Enable                                  True
EthernetLANOptionROM                Enable                                  True
IPv4NetworkStack                    Enable                                  True
IPv6NetworkStack                    Enable                                  True
UefiPxeBootPriority                 IPv4First                               True
WiGigWake                           Disable                                 True
WirelessAutoDisconnection           Disable                                 True
MACAddressPassThrough               Disable                                 True
USBBIOSSupport                      Disable                                 True
AlwaysOnUSB                         Enable                                  True
TrackPoint                          Automatic                               True
TouchPad                            Automatic                               True
FnCtrlKeySwap                       Disable                                 True
FnSticky                            Disable                                 True
FnKeyAsPrimary                      Disable                                 True
BootDisplayDevice                   LCD                                     True
SharedDisplayPriority               DockDisplay                             True
TotalGraphicsMemory                 256MB                                   True
BootTimeExtension                   Disable                                 True
SpeedStep                           Enable                                  True
AdaptiveThermalManagementAC         MaximizePerformance                     True
AdaptiveThermalManagementBattery    Balanced                                True
CPUPowerManagement                  Automatic                               True
OnByAcAttach                        Disable                                 True
PasswordBeep                        Disable                                 True
KeyboardBeep                        Enable                                  True
AMTControl                          Enable                                  True
USBKeyProvisioning                  Disable                                 True
WakeByThunderbolt                   Enable                                  True
ThunderboltSecurityLevel            UserAuthorization                       True
PreBootForThunderboltDevice         Disable                                 True
PreBootForThunderboltUSBDevice      Disable                                 True
LockBIOSSetting                     Disable                                 True
MinimumPasswordLength               Disable                                 True
BIOSPasswordAtUnattendedBoot        Enable                                  True
BIOSPasswordAtReboot                Disable                                 True
BIOSPasswordAtBootDeviceList        Disable                                 True
PasswordCountExceededError          Enable                                  True
FingerprintPredesktopAuthentication Enable                                  True
FingerprintReaderPriority           External                                True
FingerprintSecurityMode             Normal                                  True
FingerprintPasswordAuthentication   Enable                                  True
SecurityChip                        Enable                                  True
TXTFeature                          Disable                                 True
PhysicalPresenceForTpmProvision     Disable                                 True
PhysicalPresenceForTpmClear         Enable                                  True
BIOSUpdateByEndUsers                Enable                                  True
SecureRollBackPrevention            Enable                                  True
WindowsUEFIFirmwareUpdate           Enable                                  True
DataExecutionPrevention             Enable                                  True
VirtualizationTechnology            Enable                                  True
VTdFeature                          Enable                                  True
EthernetLANAccess                   Enable                                  True
WirelessLANAccess                   Enable                                  True
WirelessWANAccess                   Enable                                  True
BluetoothAccess                     Enable                                  True
USBPortAccess                       Enable                                  True
MemoryCardSlotAccess                Enable                                  True
SmartCardSlotAccess                 Enable                                  True
IntegratedCameraAccess              Enable                                  True
MicrophoneAccess                    Enable                                  True
FingerprintReaderAccess             Enable                                  True
ThunderboltAccess                   Enable                                  True
NfcAccess                           Enable                                  True
WiGig                               Enable                                  True
BottomCoverTamperDetected           Disable                                 True
InternalStorageTamper               Disable                                 True
ComputraceModuleActivation          Enable                                  True
SecureBoot                          Disable                                 True
SGXControl                          SoftwareControl                         True
DeviceGuard                         Disable                                 True
BootMode                            Quick                                   True
StartupOptionKeys                   Enable                                  True
BootDeviceListF12Option             Enable                                  True
BootOrder                           USBCD:USBFDD:NVMe0:HDD0:USBHDD:PCILAN   True
NetworkBoot                         USBFDD                                  True
BootOrderLock                       Disable                                 True

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