Managing Updates with PSWindowsUpdate

by Mar 23, 2020

There are many useful PowerShell modules available from the PowerShell Gallery. One helps you managing updates. To download and install it, run:

PS> Install-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate -Scope CurrentUser -Force

It adds a list of new commands related to Windows Update:

PS> Get-Command -Module PSWindowsUpdate 

CommandType Name                    Version Source         
----------- ----                    ------- ------         
Alias       Clear-WUJob    PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Download-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Get-WUInstall  PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Get-WUList     PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Hide-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Install-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Show-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       UnHide-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Alias       Uninstall-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Add-WUServiceManager PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Enable-WURemoting PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUApiVersion PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUHistory  PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUInstallerStatus PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUJob      PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WULastResults PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WURebootStatus PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUServiceManager PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Get-WUSettings PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Invoke-WUJob   PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Remove-WindowsUpdate PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Remove-WUServiceManager PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Set-PSWUSettings PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Set-WUSettings PSWindowsUpdate
Cmdlet      Update-WUModule PSWindowsUpdate 

Most commands require an elevated shell to work properly but basic information is available for everyone.

PS> Get-WULastResults
WARNING: To perform some operations you must run an elevated Windows PowerShell console.

ComputerName    LastSearchSuccessDate LastInstallationSuccessDate
------------    --------------------- ---------------------------
DESKTOP-8DVNI43 22.01.2020 11:29:24   22.01.2020 11:29:52        

PS> Get-WUApiVersion
WARNING: To perform some operations you must run an elevated Windows PowerShell console.

ComputerName PSWindowsUpdate PSWUModuleDll   ApiVersion WuapiDllVersion                                                                  
------------ --------------- -------------   ---------- ---------------                                                                  
DESKTOP-8...         2.0.6995.28496  8.0        10.0.18362.387  

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