Managing Windows License Key

by Feb 25, 2019

Let’s start this mini-series with a one-liner that extracts your Windows license key:

PS> $key = (Get-WmiObject -Class SoftwareLicensingService).OA3xOriginalProductKey

PS> $key

Learning points to take away:

    • WMI gets you extensive information about Windows licenses and license status.
    • One of the WMI classes used by Windows licensing is called “SoftwareLicensingService”. It can provide you with your Windows license number
    • The same class also contains a lot of additional information. Have a look:

PS> Get-WmiObject -Class SoftwareLicensingService

KeyManagementServiceUnlicensedRequests         : 4294967295
OA2xBiosMarkerMinorVersion                     : 1
OA2xBiosMarkerStatus                           : 1
OA3xOriginalProductKey                         : XXXXXXXXX
OA3xOriginalProductKeyDescription              : [4.0] Professional OEM:DM
OA3xOriginalProductKeyPkPn                     : [TH]X19-99481
PolicyCacheRefreshRequired                     : 0
RemainingWindowsReArmCount                     : 1001
RequiredClientCount                            : 4294967295
TokenActivationAdditionalInfo                  : 
TokenActivationCertificateThumbprint           : 
TokenActivationGrantNumber                     : 4294967295
TokenActivationILID                            : 
TokenActivationILVID                           : 4294967295
Version                                        : 10.0.17134.471
VLActivationInterval                           : 4294967295
VLRenewalInterval                              : 4294967295
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