Mapping Network Drives

by Jun 2, 2017

PowerShell offers numerous ways to connect to SMB file shares. Here are three different approaches:

# adjust path to point to your file share
$UNCPath = '\\server\share'

net use * $UNCPath 
New-PSDrive -Name y -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $UNCPath -Persist
New-SmbMapping -LocalPath 'x:' -RemotePath  $UNCPath

Net.exe is the most versatile approach and available in all PowerShell versions. By providing a “*”, it automatically picks the next available drive letter.

New-PSDrive supports SMB shares beginning in PowerShell 3. New-SmbMapping requires the SmbShare module and seems to be a bit buggy at this time: the drive shows in Windows Explorer only after a reboot.

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