Marking Scripts for PowerShell Core or Windows PowerShell

by May 27, 2019

As you probably know, there are two breeds of PowerShell: Windows PowerShell ships with Windows operating systems and is based on the full .NET Framework whereas PowerShell 6 and better is open-source, cross-platform, and based on the (limited) .NET Core and Standard.

If you write scripts that run on both breeds, that’s awesome! If, however you know that your code requires either one, make sure you add the appropriate #requires statement on top of your script.

This piece of code will only run in PowerShell 6 and better (provided you save it to file first):

#requires -PSEdition Core 
"This runs in PowerShell 6 and better only..."

Likewise, this will run on Windows PowerShell only:

#requires -PSEdition Desktop 
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