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by Mar 20, 2019

The human mind can read sentences even if the characters are scrambled as long as the first and last letter of each word stays intact. Here is a PowerShell function to try out for yourself. It takes a sentence and scrambles the characters except for the first and last characters:

function Convert-Text
      $Text = 'Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.'
    $words = $Text -split ' '

    $newWords = foreach($word in $words)
        if ($word.Length -le 2)
            $firstChar = $word[0]
            $lastChar = $word[-1]
            $charLen = $word.Length -2
            $inbetween = $word[1..$charLen]
            $chars = $inbetween | Get-Random -Count $word.Length 
            $inbetweenScrambled = $chars -join ''

    $newWords -join ' '

When you do not submit text, a sample sentence is used. Can you guess what it means?

PS C:\> Convert-Text
Ealry to bed and erlay to rsie maeks a man hylhtea, wlhtaey and wies.  

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