Mutually Exclusive Parameters (Part 2)

by May 13, 2015

Mutually exclusive parameters in PowerShell functions use the "ParameterSetName" attribute to assign parameters to different parameter sets (or groups of parameters).

A little known fact is that you can assign multiple parameter set names to one parameter. This way, a parameter could be optional in one scenario, and mandatory in another.

function Test-ParameterSet

    [Parameter(ParameterSetName='LocalOnly', Mandatory=$false)]

    [Parameter(ParameterSetName='Credential', Mandatory=$true)]
    [Parameter(ParameterSetName='NonCredential', Mandatory=$false)]

    [Parameter(ParameterSetName='Credential', Mandatory=$false)]


  if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('ComputerName'))
    Write-Warning 'Remote Call!'

The function Test-ParameterSet shows how to do this: -ComputerName is optional when the parameter set "NonCredential" is active. If a user uses the -Credential parameter, -ComputerName becomes mandatory. And if the user picks the -LocalAction parameter, neither -ComputerName nor -Credential is available anymore.

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