Normalizing Line Endings

by Oct 3, 2014

All PowerShell Versions

When you download files from the Internet, you may run into situations where the file won’t open correctly in editors. Most likely, this is caused by non-default line endings.

Here is an example of such a problem. In a previous tip we showed you how to download a MAC address vendor list. When you do that and open the file in the Notepad, all line breaks are gone:

$url = ''
$outfile = "$home\vendorlist.txt"

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $outfile

Invoke-Item -Path $outfile 

To repair the file, simply use this code:

$OldFile = "$home\vendorlist.txt"
$NewFile = "$home\vendorlistGood.txt"

Get-Content $OldFile | Set-Content -Path $NewFile

notepad $NewFile 

Get-Content is capable of identifying even non-standard line breaks, so the result is a string array of lines. When you write these back to a new file, then all is good because Set-Content will use default line endings.

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