Pasting PowerShell Code from ISE Editor

by Oct 11, 2013

The PowerShell ISE editor is great for copying and pasting code, for example to Microsoft Word and other text processors. Since ISE formats the clipboard text as RTF, color coding is preserved.

However, often the font size of pasted code may be too large or too small.

You can fix this inside the ISE editor. Go to Tools > Options, and select a different font size. The font size you select here will be used in pasted code.

After you changed font size and closed the dialog, use the slider control in the lower right corner of the ISE editor window to adjust the font screen size. This zoom level will only affect the visual aspect of code inside the ISE editor and has no influence on pasted code.

You can also use the mouse wheel to change the display font size in the ISE editor.

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