Playing Sounds

by Mar 15, 2018

If all you need is a beep, then PowerShell can help you easily:

$frequency = 800
$durationMS = 2000
[console]::Beep($frequency, $durationMS)

If you’d like something more sophisticated, then you can also have PowerShell play a system sound:


Here is a list of supported system sounds:

PS> [System.Media.SystemSounds] | Get-Member -Static -MemberType Property

   TypeName: System.Media.SystemSounds

Name        MemberType Definition                                        
----        ---------- ----------                                        
Asterisk    Property   static System.Media.SystemSound Asterisk {get;}   
Beep        Property   static System.Media.SystemSound Beep {get;}       
Exclamation Property   static System.Media.SystemSound Exclamation {get;}
Hand        Property   static System.Media.SystemSound Hand {get;}       
Question    Property   static System.Media.SystemSound Question {get;}    

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