PowerShell ISE Module Browser

by Apr 30, 2019

If you are using the built-in PowerShell ISE, you might find the “Module Browser Add-on” useful. It is fairly old and was published in 2015, however you can easily download and install it from the PowerShell Gallery:

PS C:\> Install-Module ISEModuleBrowserAddOn -Repository PSGallery -Scope CurrentUser 

Once the module is installed, you can load it into PowerShell ISE like this:

PS C:\> Import-Module -Name ISEModuleBrowserAddon -Verbose 

This opens a new Add-on pane on the right side of PowerShell ISE with three categories: Gallery, Favorites, and My Collection.

“Gallery” connects you to the online PowerShell Gallery and was originally created to help make online content in the PowerShell Gallery more discoverable. However this part does not seem to work anymore.

When you click “My Collection”, though, you get a list of all of your modules, and when you double-click a module in this list, you can list the module content such as the contained commands. You can also mark a module as “Favorite” (and place it on the “Favorites” list), uninstall a module, or open it via buttons at the bottom of the module list.

With the “New Module” button at the top, you can create a new and empty PowerShell module: a wizard guides you through the steps to collect the metadata and create the appropriate files.

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