Remote Configuration in a Peer-to-Peer environment (or across domains)

by Nov 20, 2009

By default, PowerShell requires Kerberos authentication to operate remotely, so you cannot use it in a simple peer-to-peer scenario. You can also not use it in a cross-domain scenario with untrusted domains. You will need to allow WSMan to use different authentication types to work remotely everywhere. All that is required is to add the IP addresses or computer names of computers you'd like to talk to. Note that this has to be done on both ends. The easiest (and most unsecure) way is to allow communication between any computer by specifying "*":

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\client\trustedhosts * -force

A more selective approach would use an IP address or computer name instead of "*". Once done, you can use all remote cmdlets to work remotely. Just make sure you use the -credential parameter to enter a User Name and Password for authentication:

Invoke-Command { dir $env:windir } `
-computer -credential (Get-Credential)

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