-RepeatHeader Parameter

by Dec 4, 2019

Here is a somewhat unknown parameter: -RepeatHeader! What does it do?

Let’s assume you want to see results page by page (which only works in a console, not the PowerShell ISE):

PS> Get-Process | Out-Host -Paging 

The output now is paused per page until you press SPACE. However, the column headers are displayed only on the first page.

A better output can be produced like this:

PS> Get-Process | Format-Table -RepeatHeader | Out-Host -Paging 

Now, the header is re-displayed per page. -RepeatHeader is available in all Format-* cmdlets. Again, this trick works only in console-based PowerShell hosts and won’t work in the PowerShell ISE. The reason is: PowerShell ISE does not have a fixed page size, so it does not know when a page ends.

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