Simplest Way to Install PowerShell 7 on Windows

by Feb 10, 2021

Probably the simplest and most flexible way to download and install PowerShell 7 for Windows users is to run the following one-liner:

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri | New-Item -Path function: -Name Install-PowerShell | Out-Null

It creates a new cmdlet Install-PowerShell with a number of useful parameters. For example, to download the latest production version of PowerShell 7 as a portable app in a folder of your choice, run this:

Install-PowerShell -Destination c:\ps7test -AddToPath

If you prefer to install PowerShell 7 as a managed MSI application, run this instead:.

Install-PowerShell -UseMSI -Quiet

Note: A truly quiet installation requires Administrator privileges.

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