Test-Connection with Timeout

by Jan 14, 2016

The Test-Connection cmdlet implements a simple ping to check whether a system responds to an ICMP request. Unfortunately, you cannot specify a timeout. Test-Connection defaults to a static timeout of 4 seconds:

PS C:\> Test-Connection -ComputerName powershellmagazine.com -Count 1 | Select-Object Address, ResponseTime, Timeout

Address                ResponseTime Timeout
-------                ------------ -------
powershellmagazine.com          118    4000 

To use a timeout, simply use the underlying WMI query like this:

$ComputerName = 'powershellmagazine.com'
$Count = 1
$Timeout = 1000
$Filter = 'Address="{0}" and Timeout={1}' -f $ComputerName, $Timeout
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_PingStatus -Filter $Filter |
  Select-Object Address, ResponseTime, Timeout

Here is the result:

Address                ResponseTime Timeout
-------                ------------ -------
powershellmagazine.com          118    1000 

To ping multiple times, simply use a loop.

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