Tips of the Week for SQL Server DBAs

by Jul 10, 2015

Code Snips and Tips

Here are 10 quick SQL Server tips and tricks for DBAs compiled by SQL Server expert Pinal Dave.

  1. RAISERROR in the format RAISERROR integer 'string' is discontinued from SQL Serevr 2012.Try DBArtisan
  2. SQL Server should be behind the firewall not exposed to Internet.
  3. We can check the network packet size, by querying the system catalog view sys.confiurations.
  4. Audited events can be written to the audit log by using the new sp_audit_write procedure.
  5. SQL Server error logs can reveal a great deal of information about your server.
  6. Use "allow only encrypted connections" only if needed for end-to-end encryption of sensitive sessions.
  7. Enable only the optional features that you will immediately use.
  8. The tcp/ip packet consists of a header that is at least 20 bytes in size.
  9. The header of the ping packet is 28 bytes plus the size of the buffr you specify.
  10. In the event of a system crash, indirect checkpoints provide potentially faster, more predictable recovery time.

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