Title-Casing Strings (Capital Letter Starts Each Word)

by Jan 1, 2019

Polishing raw text is not always trivial, and when you’d like to make sure names or texts are well-formed, and each word starts with a capital letter, it typically involves much work.

Funny enough, every CultureInfo object has a built-in ToTitleCase() method that does the job for you. If you convert the raw text to all lowercase before, it also takes care of all uppercase words:

$text = "here is some TEXT that I would like to title-case (all words start with an uppercase letter)"

$textInfo = (Get-Culture).TextInfo

Here is the result:

Here Is Some TEXT That I Would Like To Title-Case (All Words Start With An Upper Letter
Here Is Some Text That I Would Like To Title-Case (All Words Start With An Upper Letter 

This method may be especially useful for list of names.

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