Use PowerShell 5.0 Code Generation API

by Jun 6, 2016

In PowerShell 5.0, a new .NET type was introduced that can help you escape text information so it can be displayed correctly:

PS> [System.Management.Automation.Language.CodeGeneration] | Get-Member -Static

   TypeName: System.Management.Automation.Language.CodeGeneration

Name                            MemberType Definition                                                         
----                            ---------- ----------                                                         
EscapeBlockCommentContent       Method     static string EscapeBlockCommentContent(string value)              
EscapeFormatStringContent       Method     static string EscapeFormatStringContent(string value)              
EscapeSingleQuotedStringContent Method     static string EscapeSingleQuotedStringContent(string value)        
EscapeVariableName              Method     static string EscapeVariableName(string value)                     
ReferenceEquals                 Method     static bool ReferenceEquals(System.Object objA, System.Object objB)

For example, if you want to display single quotes inside a single quoted string, here is how the text would need to look like:

PS> [System.Management.Automation.Language.CodeGeneration]::EscapeSingleQuotedStringContent("Contacting 'Bill'")

Contacting ''Bill''

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