Useful Static .NET Methods

by Feb 9, 2015

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PowerShell can access static methods of .NET types. Here are some real world one-liners that can do a lot for you:


[Convert]::ToString(576255753217, 8)




[IO.Path]::ChangeExtension('c:\test.txt', 'bak') 

To find out more, delete the code after the type (the text in square brackets), then add two colons. PowerShell ISE will automatically pop up tab completion and show you the methods found in that type. In the PowerShell console, simply press TAB to get completion suggestions.

You can also pipe a type to Get-Member:

PS> [Math] | Get-Member -MemberType *Method -Static

   TypeName: System.Math

Name            MemberType Definition                                                                                     
----            ---------- ----------                                                                                     
Abs             Method     static sbyte Abs(sbyte value), static int16 Abs(int16 value), static int Abs(int value), sta...
Acos            Method     static double Acos(double d)           
Asin            Method     static double Asin(double d)            
Atan            Method     static double Atan(double d)            
Atan2           Method     static double Atan2(double y, double x)
BigMul          Method     static long BigMul(int a, int b)   
Ceiling         Method     static decimal Ceiling(decimal d), static double Ceiling(double a)
Cos             Method     static double Cos(double d)
Cosh            Method     static double Cosh(double value                                                             
DivRem          Method     static int DivRem(int a, int b, [ref] int result), static long DivRem(long a, long b, [ref] ...
Equals          Method     static bool Equals(System.Object objA, System.Object objB)
Exp             Method     static double Exp(double d)              
Floor           Method     static decimal Floor(decimal d), static double Floor(double d)
IEEERemainder   Method     static double IEEERemainder(double x, double y)
Log             Method     static double Log(double d), static double Log(double a, double newBase)
Log10           Method     static double Log10(double d)
Max             Method     static sbyte Max(sbyte val1, sbyte val2), static byte Max(byte val1, byte val2), static int1...
Min             Method     static sbyte Min(sbyte val1, sbyte val2), static byte Min(byte val1, byte val2), static int1...
Pow             Method     static double Pow(double x, double y)
ReferenceEquals Method     static bool ReferenceEquals(System.Object objA, System.Object objB)
Round           Method     static double Round(double a), static double Round(double value, int digits), static double ...
Sign            Method     static int Sign(sbyte value), static int Sign(int16 value), static int Sign(int value), stat...
Sin             Method     static double Sin(double a)
Sinh            Method     static double Sinh(double value)   
Sqrt            Method     static double Sqrt(double d)
Tan             Method     static double Tan(double a)
Tanh            Method     static double Tanh(double value)
Truncate        Method     static decimal Truncate(decimal d), static double Truncate(double d)

And to see the signature(s) of a method, omit the parenthesis:

PS> Get-Something -Path test
You entered test.

PS> [Math]::Round 

static double Round(double a
static double Round(double value, int digits)
static double Round(double value, System.MidpointRounding mode)
static double Round(double value, int digits, System.MidpointRounding mode
static decimal Round(decimal d
static decimal Round(decimal d, int decimals)
static decimal Round(decimal d, System.MidpointRounding mode)
static decimal Round(decimal d, int decimals, System.MidpointRounding mode)

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