Validate Read-Host Input

by Jan 22, 2016

Beginning in PowerShell 4.0, you can use validators for variable assignments. This gives you a quick and easy way of validating user input, too. The next line accepts only user input that matches the regular expression in the validator. It only accepts input in the format "server" plus at least one and at most four digits:

[ValidatePattern('^server\d{1,4}$')]$Server = Read-Host "Enter a servername (serverXXXX)" 

When the user enters invalid input, an exception is raised. You could catch the exception and handle it like this:

    try {
    [ValidatePattern('^server\d{1,4}$')]$Server = Read-Host "Enter a servername (serverXXXX)" 
    } catch {}
} until ($?)

This would repeat Read-Host until there was no error anymore.


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