Visually compare data in MySQL

by Jun 27, 2023

As with any database, there are many ways to compare the data within a MySQL database. We can compare data for:

  • Accuracy: If we entered the data incorrectly, it will show up in the visual comparison. This can be an easy way to find errors that may have slipped through during data entry or while updating records.
  • Consistency: Visual comparisons ensure the consistency of your data across multiple fields and tables. This ensures that all data is accurate and that there are not any duplicates floating around in your database.
  • Completeness: You can compare your entire database against itself to see if there are missing records or inaccurate information that needs fixing. This can be time-consuming but is often worth doing because it helps eliminate mistakes before they become more difficult to track down if left alone for too long.

View the 25-minute video “How To Visually Compare Data in MySQL – Tips and Tricks to learn how to compare data from the source and target before taking action. You may compare data on source and target for every row before deciding if you should sync it or not and in what direction. Or you may select to synchronize the complete table.

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