Why You Should Choose MySQL as Your Database Platform

by Sep 23, 2019

The tremendous amount of data that businesses need to assimilate is increasing daily. Information streams from the Internet of Things (IoT), web-based applications, and big data are putting additional strain on an organization’s ability to manage their data and put it to good use. The logical place for this information to be stored is in databases where it can be accessed, analyzed, and used to make informed business decisions. Databases and the professionals who support them are vitally important in today’s market environment.

Selecting the right database for your company’s needs can be challenging. There are a wide variety of solutions competing for your attention. Making the right choice can be difficult. Choosing the wrong database can lead to less than satisfactory results and negative impacts for your business. The right selection can help your business grow and keep up with future demands.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) backed by Oracle. It is a critical part of the LAMP open-source enterprise stack. The complete stack is comprised of the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL RDBMS, and PHP, Perl or Python as an object-oriented scripting language. MySQL is a versatile database solution that is widely used in web applications and online publishing.

From its humble beginnings a little over a decade ago, MySQL has grown to become the most popular SQL-based database with close to 40% of the market. It is used as a stand-alone solution as well as in conjunction with other databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

Let’s take a look at why MySQL has achieved its popularity and the reasons it might be the best solution to your organization’s database requirements.

The Benefits of Using MySQL

Software products do not gain wide popularity unless they offer value to their users. Slick marketing may entice companies to try a new solution, but if it doesn’t live up to expectations it will soon be replaced. So it’s a good bet that MySQL has achieved widespread use due to some tangible characteristics. Here are some of the reasons MySQL is the database of choice for so many enterprises.

High Availability – Databases need to be up and running to be useful. MySQL is designed to meet the availability demands of any business. Configuration options enable you to ensure uptime by employing clusters of servers and master-slave replication for instant failover. This is a critically important factor which makes MySQL an effective solution for web-based businesses that rely on 24/7 availability.

Scalability and Flexibility – MySQL is extremely customizable and can be implemented to address applications of any size. Large organizations processing millions of records as well as smaller businesses can tailor their MySQL environment to meet their specific requirements.

Data Security – The security of the information in your databases is of paramount importance. You might have sensitive personal or business information that needs to be kept safe. MySQL is known for its security and offers a method of secure financial transactions. All components of a financial transaction must be completed successfully before any money is processed. Failed transactions return to the previous stage and can be retried with no risk to the participants.

Total Cost of Ownership – Organizations using MySQL are achieving substantial TCO savings over other database solutions. This is due to the lower licensing fees and support that come with a MySQL implementation.

Platform Independence – MySQL can be run on virtually any Windows, Unix or Linux platform which makes it a versatile solution that can be used by any IT department. It can be deployed using on-premises hardware or by taking advantage of the MySQL instances offered by many cloud providers.

Open Source and Support – MySQL provides a unique blend of open source development freedom paired with support not usually found in this type of software offering. Oracle supports the product which should reduce the concerns that some businesses may have regarding open source solutions.

Managing Your MySQL Environment

Once you decide that MySQL is the correct database solution for your company’s needs, you should consider tools which will enable you to achieve optimal system performance. SQLyog is a dedicated MySQL management solution that has many features that will endear it to your database team. It is designed to allow your DBAs to be more productive and keep your MySQL databases running at optimal efficiency.

Some of the highlights of this feature-rich application include:

  • Visual tools for designing schemas, building queries, and comparing data.
  • Optimizing tools that address schemas and identify redundant indexes.
  • An intuitive GUI that facilitates efficient management of your MySQL environment.
  • Data migration and synchronization tools as well as the ability to schedule jobs and backups.

SQLyog can help your database team manage a complex MySQL environment and achieve your business goals. It’s the perfect complement to the advantages that your organization can enjoy with their selection of MySQL as their database of choice.