Aqua Data Studio Adds InterBase Support

by Jun 4, 2019

Recently the ADS team at Idera released a new version of their database management environment. The new version notably adds direct support for Embarcadero InterBase relational database.

You can read the full announcement at delve into the specific features at and watch a full and complete video at

If you are a RAD Studio architect customer with an active update subscription, your licenses allows you to upgrade to this version of Aqua Data Studio. If you are a RAD Studio customer on a lower edition using InterBase, or an InterBase user in general you can download the 14-day trial of ADS and take a look.

What’s the advantage of using ADS compared to InterBase specific database tools? First, Aqua Data Studio will run on not only on Microsoft Windows but also on Linux and Apple macOS. Second the same low-priced IDE offers support for over 30 data sources, beside InterBase.

Among the core features of ADS there is a modern and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), flexible administration of object and management of data, an efficient SQL editor, with SQL checker, visual query builder, and ER diagram modeler; powerful data visualization and analytics with dashboards and reporting; tools for the comparison of schemas and their  synchronization, and much more.

An Aqua Data Studio Overview webinar is planned for tomorrow, June 5, 2019 at 11am EST (6 PM in Europe)