Bookmarks and Navigator now available for RAD Studio 10.4!

by Jun 15, 2020

Two popular free IDE addons for code navigation are now available for 10.4.

In 10.3.1, we started shipping two popular IDE plugins intended for code navigation. Bookmarks replaces the IDE’s editor bookmarks with an unlimited number or markers, new caret (breadcrumb) markers, protection against accidentally overwriting, a dockable window with contextual information about each bookmark, and more. Navigator adds a minimap to the editor (a scrollbar alternative showing a code preview), and the Go To window, which lets you quickly navigate to any useful part of your unit via the keyboard, whether that’s a method, a class declaration, a property or even a property implementation function.

You can read more about Bookmarks and Navigator, including all the productivity features.

These two plugins are now available for RAD Studio 10.4 in GetIt (check the IDE Plugins section on the left.) Importantly, they are also updated for the latest Delphi language features including inline variables.